West Avenue West Bridgford

West Avenue West Bridgford

At the turn of the nineteenth century, the Nottingham suburb of West Bridgford was expanding rapidly, fuelled by growth in the affluent textile and lace trades. Development was often piecemeal, with local builders constructing only a few properties at a time. The result of this was often an irregular urban grain, leaving pockets of commercial space occupied by local tradespeople. West Avenue is just one such site; the site was a mix of traditional brick and pitch roof industrial units, the majority single storey and all well past their best and certainly not of great commercial value.

Rayner Davies were asked to consider how the site might be developed as family housing. A scheme of nine units was proposed configured sensitively to the neighbouring existing buildings surrounding the site.

The properties are placed centrally within the site maximising separation distances with the adjoining properties. Where these distances are at their narrowest, to the northwest side of the site, overlooking is mitigated by placing oblique windows at 90 degrees to the façade, facing southwest.

The scheme is 2 storeys at its highest sitting significantly lower than the ridge heights of the surrounding buildings. To the northwest elevation reduced eaves are used situating the first-floor level within the roof space, reducing the perceived mass of the buildings from the new mews access to the development and also mitigating against overshadowing to the existing gardens along the northwest of the site. To the southeast the façade is full height including small balconies to utilise the south orientation overlooking their own private gardens.
Further Details at http://www.rd-architects.co.uk/portfolio/2284.html

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