Wastecycle Calls For Earth Hour Support

Wastecycle Calls For Earth Hour Support

A recycling company is calling for the region’s businesses to follow its lead and turn off all non-essential lighting and appliances during Earth Hour.

Wastecycle, the East Midlands’ leading resource management and recycling company, will be pulling the plug on lights, computers and other electrical appliances between 8.30 and 9.30pm on Saturday 25th March.

As well as encouraging its staff to follow its lead, the company has also written to its suppliers and customers, including Nottingham City Council, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University asking them to support the World Wildlife Fund initiative.

First staged in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, Earth Hour has grown to a global event, with more than 172 countries and territories taking part and over 10,400 landmarks and 7,000 cities turning off their lights for 60 minutes to shine a light on the climate action the WWF is campaigning for.

Rather than watching TV, playing a computer game, surfing the net or using the national grid to light their house, Wastecycle is suggesting people dine by candle light or get outdoors and enjoy the night sky.

“As a leading resource management company we care passionately about our planet. Wastecycle ensures that hundreds of organisations recycle thousands of tonnes of waste each year. We also help our customers reduce the volume of waste they produce by increasing their reuse of materials. We’re not just concerned with recycling, as a business we want to reduce our energy use as that will help the planet in the long-term. We want our customers to do the same, that’s why we’re supporting Earth Hour and are encouraging the people we work with to do the same,” says Paul Clements, Commercial Director at Wastecycle. “Hopefully, our staff and customers will get outdoors during Earth Hour and enjoy the night sky, take in a ghost walk, dine by candle light or find another way to spend an hour without using electricity.”

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