Team Hallam Member Selected by Facebook to Represent Business Programme for Women

Team Hallam Member Selected by Facebook to Represent Business Programme for Women

After receiving training from Facebook headquarters in Dublin last month, Lauren will now be delivering training in a series of events nationwide across the year. These events will be delivering a range of resources, designed to help educate audiences on how to best utilise Facebook to grow their business and build their personal brand.

Lauren will also be extending her training to her colleagues at Hallam, keeping them up to date with the latest business initiatives.

“She Means Business” is a collaborative project between Facebook, Enterprise Nation, and FSB- experts in business. The project aims to support and empower female entrepreneurship by delivering resources to women, in an effort to motivate them and bridge the gender gap among UK business owners.

This incredibly powerful initiative has the potential to release £45 million for the country’s economy by the end of this year.

Lauren already has a wealth of social media experience behind her. At Hallam, she manages several paid social accounts for businesses nationally and internationally, with a focus on improving their search engine visibility.

Commenting on her latest success, Lauren says:

“It’s incredible to be able to get involved with such an empowering project. The fact that I’ve been one of the women selected to continue this training for the year is a real honour. She Means Business is a wonderful opportunity to inspire a whole new generation of female entrepreneurs, and I look forward to delivering training throughout the year.”

Managing Director at Susan Hallam adds:

“It’s an honour that Hallam have been chosen by Facebook to be part of such a proactive initiative for women. As a valuable member of the team, Lauren is a great choice to represent She Means Business. She has always demonstrated the drive and determination needed to succeed in her work, and will no doubt pass that attitude onto the women she’ll be training.”

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