Need help with a project? Try a placement.

Need help with a project?  Try a placement.

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Are you looking for specialised expertise for fixed-term projects?  Placements via local universities provide a valuable resource to local businesses.  While this post features the postgraduate placement opportunities available through the University of Nottingham, there are other placement possibilities.  If you are particularly interested in gaining specific expertise from a local university, then it’s probably worth contacting them to ask what’s on offer.  In addition, there are also opportunities for funded internships through Santander.

Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

We can help enhance fixed-term business projects through the specialised expertise and leading-edge knowledge of our talented postgraduates.  All this, with the additional benefits of low-costs and minimal administration.

Whatever the size or legal status of your business, we are keen to work with you.  You just need Public and Employers’ liability insurance and the placement must be based around a specific project.

Types of placement

In summary, we offer two main types of placement:

  • part-time (6-10 hrs per week) over a maximum of 12 weeks
  • full-time 3 month internships

There is no formal limit on the number of placements an employer can offer overall but, due to the need to provide adequate supervision, we recommend no more than 4 postgraduates at any one time.

Cost sharing and administration

We pay the placement student for their time and expertise through our own payroll and the employer pays a contribution.  This contribution depends on both the type of project and the funding available at the time.

While we’ll handle most of the paperwork you will need to complete a few forms. In short, these will be around information about your business and the placement project you have in mind.  You will also need to sign the contracts and provide feedback to us at the end of the placement.  Find out more.

Santander Breakthrough programme

Santander is passionate about helping ambitious businesses to succeed.  Building long-lasting relationships with SMEs runs deep in our heritage.  We’ve come to know and understand the needs of our customers.  In turn, this has helped us appreciate the challenges they face and support they need to overcome them.   As a result, we would like to help your business break through.

A variety of support is on offer around talent, knowledge events, connections and, of course, finance.  You can find out more on the Breakthrough pages of Santander’s website.


In particular, you may be interested in access to subsidised graduate interns.  Attracting and retaining the best talent is essential for SMEs to reach their full potential.  Despite this, not all students automatically consider a small business to do an internship or kick-start their career.  However, SMEs can provide a wealth of responsibility and experience that interns may not be able to find in larger organisations.  Through the Santander SME Internship Programme, we help SMEs find an intern with the skills to meet the needs of their business.  And, at the same time, we help interns find an SME to help them develop their skills at the beginning of their careers.

In order to be eligible for support, businesses should have an annual turnover of under £50 million and under 250 employees.  Furthermore, they need to be registered and based in the UK.

What’s in it for your business?

  • Students often bring new ideas and fresh concepts that can revolutionise the way the business see their activity, and this could open the door for further expansion.
  • This is a great opportunity for a company to tap into the enthusiasm of students, who can provide a valuable resource for the progress of the business.
  • The internships are paid £300 per week, placements over 2 weeks are half paid by the SME and half by Santander, placement of 2 weeks or less are fully paid by Santander.
  • Santander Universities will contribute up to a maximum of £1,500 per internship. The internships can be for a duration of between 1 and 10 weeks with the intern working on a full-time or part-time basis.

But don’t take our word for it, why not take time to read the case studies on Santander’s website.  Here, you will learn about the experiences of previous businesses recruiting interns, as well as the benefits internships bring to SMEs.  In addition, you can also register your interest on their website.

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