PAB Languages set to celebrate 10th Anniversary

PAB Languages Team is counting down to an important and exciting date marking 10th Anniversary on 7th June at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Lincoln.
If you are looking to learn how to strengthen your relationship with companies, institutions and people from different countries and cultures join PAB to celebrate Cultural and Language Diversity in Lincoln.
Lelde Plesa, Business Development Manager, said “I can’t wait for the event! We hope Lincolnshire businesses will join us to celebrate languages, cultures and diversity.”
“Guests speakers include East Midlands International Trade Association, Fresh Growth Solutions and Magnet UK Consultancy.”
If you are a businessperson looking to enhance your communication skills with speakers from other cultures this event is designed for you.
Comments from our event in March:
“I learnt more in 2 hours about how to do business abroad than I had in the last 25 years in business! Thanks for a really insightful ...

This post first appeared on Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce website.

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