Aiming for Sky High Air Ambulance Support

Air ambulance crews save countless lives by reaching incidents within minutes to provide critical care for the most seriously ill and injured people directly at the scene. And as charities, they do so with no government funding.
Now people across the area are joining together to thank local air ambulances by fundraising with Lincolnshire Co-op through its Community Champions scheme.
Together with its members and colleagues the Society is raising money until June for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance, which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.
The partnership will help the charity raise vital funds needed to fly 24/7. It’s currently in a two-year trial, phasing up from its current 7am-7pm seven day a week cover to a full 24 hours a day, and must increase funds to support this move. The charity receives no direct government or NHS funding – it’s fuelled only by fundraising and generous contributions from the community.
A donation will be made through the Community Cha...

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