Success Without the Stress: A Game-Changing Business Book

A Grantham-based workplace well-being trainer and mentor, and Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce  Ambassador, has written a book aimed at stressed-out small business owners. Maureen O’ Callaghan, of Maureen O’ Callaghan Training and Mentoring, decided to write ‘Success Without the Stress’ after 20 years’ experience of leading teams in high-pressure corporate environments and running her own business.
The insidious impact that stress can have on physical and mental health is well known, and the book aims to help business owners understand the pressures and challenges of running a business, and how to best manage them.
The book draws on tried and tested management theory and practice, up-to-date research, and Maureen’s own personal insights on topics such as building confidence and self-esteem, developing an authentic and powerful personal brand, avoiding negative thinking habits, and building emotional resilience. There’s also an interactiv...

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