Born-again text messaging system set to take on mobile apps

Born-again text messaging system set to take on mobile apps

Leading telecommunications firm Esendex accepted on to Google’s Early Access Program to develop text messaging for the 21st century

Google is leading the way in the development of a new generation of mobile technology so advanced that most companies won’t need mobile apps – and it’s all based on old-fashioned text messaging. Leading telecommunications company Esendex is one of just a handful of firms in the world to join Google’s Early Access Program and support their development of this new technology, which will take many of the advanced functions we enjoy in apps and apply them to messaging.

The system is being rolled out on Android phones from early 2018 and represents a huge leap forward in smartphone technology. For example, when a customer books their local taxi, they won’t just get a message to say it’s on its way, but a map, perhaps a photograph of the driver and even the opportunity to change the journey, all through text message.

The new technology should help eradicate fraud, phishing and spam texts, it will soon allow people to pay securely through text message, make and amend bookings and speak to customer service teams instantly, without the need to make a phone call.

For companies that want to improve their relationship with customers, they will be able to send tailored messages about a product the customer likes, with carousel pictures or videos, purchase options, availability nearby and the ability to speak to the customer directly via text.

The new messaging system is called Rich Communication Services (RCS), Google acquired a leading provider during their buyout of Jibe in 2015. Esendex is one of just a select few companies in Britain, to be accepted onto Google’s Early Access Programme to develop RCS.

Esendex CEO Geoff Love commented:

“We are extremely excited and humbled to have been accepted on to Google’s EarlyAccess Program. Our team of expert developers are busy working away to create what is set to be Esendex’s most revolutionary product to date; RCS.”

“We’re presently working with a select few brands to be early adopters of this new technology and their enthusiasm for the product is infectious. We expect to launch to the wider public early next year.”

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is hailed as the future of mobile communications and is set to not only replace standard SMS messages, but also negate the need for companies to commission independent branded apps. The core aim is for RCS to handle all branded customer communication, from relatively rudimentary activity, sales promotions and delivery updates for example, to far richer content than we, as consumers, have ever experienced before, such as the ability to reschedule an appointment or purchase tickets, without ever leaving our phone’s messaging inbox.

About Esendex

Esendex is a leading telecommunications provider operating in Europe, USA and Australia with their head office in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Founded in 2001 with the mission of delivering fast, reliable and secure SMS services. Esendex has subsequently developed additional communication channels such as Voice, Email and intelligent automation. Most recently Esendex has been accepted on to Google’s RCS Early Access Program.

Esendex now has thousands of customers worldwide, with one shared objective: to improve the way we communicate.


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